Alfa Laval - Plant-based drink production

Plant-based drink production

The consumption of plant-based drinks is steadily growing in most parts of the world, meeting consumers’ focus on a healthier diet, animal welfare and more sustainable food. Alfa Laval offers a variety of processing equipment for all kinds of raw material from soy and oat to almonds, rice and beyond.

grain based drink decanter centrifuge

Typical plant-based drinks process

No two producers are the same, but the requirement for high-quality processing equipment is unanimous across the industry. Below you can see an example of a typical plant-based drinks process. Depending on the raw materials you have available, we can make a recommendation for a process solution tailored/suited for your particular plant-based drink production with focus on reliability, optimization of water and energy consumption and getting the most out of your raw material.

Oat milk extraction process


Happy customers

Oatly shake up the vegan drinks market - with help from Alfa Laval

“We need stability in our production, and we are learning a lot from Alfa Laval about how to operate their equipment. We have now developed very close contact with Alfa Laval’s specialists in the field.” David Hellborg, Oatly technical project manager.

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UK dairy uses Alfa Laval MBR membranes for their waste stream

"Operating costs have vastly reduced since the plant was installed and the MBR filters have been a pleasure to operate, with little involvement from any operators.” Alun Lewis – Head of Conformance & Sustainability.


Photo courtesy of Meadow Foods

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