By-production production

Recovering low-grade pomace oil from wet husk after the first extraction can be a smart way to boost revenues. Unfortunately, traditional rotary-dryer-based methods of by-product production result in high energy consumption and large volumes of black water. That’s why Alfa Laval has developed processing systems that offer efficient and sustainable dewatering with low operating costs. It’s an environmentally responsible way to increase your profitability!

Remilling in Olive Oil Processing

Transforming waste into profit

Today’s by-product processing entails a range of challenges: from increased volume of wet husk and restrictive emissions regulations, to an unstable market for oil and dry husks. Alfa Laval has developed a range of solutions to tackle these with the industry’s latest innovations. This includes a critical advancement in 3-phase decanters that offers better dewatering with 100% greater drying capacity as well as specific technology for small particle recovery. For management of black water, nothing surpasses our AlfaFlash. The compact flash evaporation system cuts down on disposal needs while improving the quality of the resulting by-products. And since no condensate is burned at the trommel, AlfaFlash also makes it easier to meet new environmental requirements. 

Cut down on energy and disposal costs

  • Improve husk dewatering with Alfa Laval’s new-generation 3-phase decanters, featuring a 20 KNm gearbox
  • Reduce evaporation costs and avoid investment in new trommels with technology that offers double the drying capacity
  • Avoid fine particle accumulation in rafts with large decanter technology engineered for better clarification
  • Discover AlfaFlash: an environmentally responsible solution to black water that minimizes disposal requirements and gas emissions
  • Raise the value of by-products with concentrate and distilled water that increase business profitability

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Modular systems within a small footprint

Compact, modular Alfa Laval systems are designed to give you maximum output within your available space, while making it easy to scale up (or down) whenever you need. High processing rates from robust, dependable equipment, plus the right control systems, are also crucial for securing dependable uptime, low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements.

Φυγοκεντρικός διαχωριστήρας Decanter ελαιόλαδου

Support you can count on – no matter where you are

When you partner with Alfa Laval, the equipment is just the beginning. With a truly global service network, we can be there at your side no matter where your mill is located. We are here for you throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment, with support for installation and start-up, ongoing routine maintenance and monitoring, and even suggestions for continuous process improvements.

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