Module M38L/H

The flexible Alfa Laval module M38L/H is developed to treat all low to medium viscosity products (1-25 cP) and fermentation broths by means of ultrafiltration and microfiltration. The module is particularly suited for use in industries such as biotech and pharma, food and beverages as well as pulp and paper

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Improved products and processes

Ultrafiltration (UF) is unique in that it allows liquids to be separated, concentrated and purified, all at the same time. Water and low molecular-weight substances pass through the membrane whilst high molecular-weight substances are rejected.

The composite structure of our microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes, consisting of a support layer for mechanical strength and a thinner selective layer for the separation, combines the best of two worlds: High mechanical strength and a high capacity/flux.

Plate-and-frame module, M38L/H

The Alfa Laval plate-and-frame module M38L/H is an energy-efficient module for the biotech and pharma industries where it ís used for the processing of antibiotics, amino/organic acids, dextrans etc. Also for food and beverage applications such as dairy, gums, protein, beer, sugar, juice etc. the module is a popular choice.

The M38L/H module is developed to meet the future demands for optimized flow dynamics, low energy consumption and low pressure operation. It is available with plates having low (L) or high (H) channels and in various standard sizes defined by a membrane area up to max. 60 m² .

The module can operate at temperatures up to 80°C, pressures up to max 10 bar and pH between 1 and 14. It can be equipped with the entire range of flat sheet membranes available from Alfa Laval for ultrafiltration and microfiltration.

Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF

Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MFThe Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is a handy and versatile pilot-scale membrane system comprising an Alfa laval plate-and-frame module of the type M37 or M38. It is a complete system with necessary pump, valves, tank etc. which needs only power supply, compressed air, water and feed product to operate.


  • low energy consumption
  • standard modules with membrane areas up to 60 m²
  • operation at low pressure
  • rugged yet flexible stainless steel and polymer construction
  • open channel design for handling of wide range of viscosities
  • easy and inexpensive exchange of membranes on site
  • accurate production up-scaling by increasing size or number of modules
  • sanitary design with all materials in compliance with FDA and EEC regulations

Ako to funguje

M38 drawing

Doskový a rámový modul spoločnosti Alfa Laval je navrhnutý s otvorenými kanálmi po celom povrchu membrány. Cez ne preteká vstupný prúd/retent.

Samotná membrána je podopretá dutými doskami s mnohými štrbinami, ktoré umožňujú zber a odvádzanie permeátu z modulu cez zberné rúrky.

Moduly s doskou a rámom využívajú samotnú membránu, ktorá je pred zmiešaním prívodu a retentátu do permeátových kanálov uzavretá záchytnými krúžkami alebo pásmi. Tým sa zabráni aj úniku vody zo samotného zásobníka na dosky.

Plate-and-frame membrane replacementDue to the design of the plate-and-frame modules from Alfa Laval, individual membranes can be replaced without affecting the other membranes of the module.