AS-H Belt Press G3

Extremely high volume throughputs of low solids feed into high dry cake solids.

Alfa Laval ashbrook belt press

The Alfa Laval AS-H Belt Press G3 is a high-volume sludge belt press that is designed to handle up to five times higher throughputs on the same footprint as a conventional belt press. Thanks to the independent gravity deck which can run at a faster speed than the pressure belt zone, thinner sludge, even lower than 1% dry solids, can be fed to the press at high hydraulic rates.

The result is a high-capacity machine without the usual hydraulic and loading limits experienced on two-belt machines. Even with dilute feed sludge, the unique Belt Press G3 technology can produce cake solids that are typically 1-2% dryer.

In addition to high volume and dry solids, other benefits that the efficient design gives operators include better filtrate quality, lower polymer consumption, and less energy demand since there is no requirement for a flocculation mixer.

The gravity deck also simplifies plant layout by eliminating the need for a gravity thickener or holding tank to thicken sludge prior to the belt press. Belt Press G3 is both very forgiving and flexible, making it the best choice for plants where the concentration of solids in the incoming feed varies.


Ako to funguje

The Alfa Laval AS-H Belt Press G3 is equipped with a proprietary variable-orifice, in-line polymer mixer that combines polymer and slurry instantly, in less than one second. This advanced, non-clogging static mixer is known for its mixing precision and an adjustable throat which allows direct control of mixing energy. Its design optimises polymer effectiveness while minimising polymer consumption.

Operator-specified belt tensioning is automatically maintained by the Belt Press SmartPress system, which recognizes and corrects for subtle condition variations such as belt stretching or process changes. The arrangement of the Belt Press G3 gravity drainage zone ensures even distribution of the conditioned slurry over the effective width of the moving filter belt.

The Belt Press G3 is equipped with lifetime-rated bearings, each protected from contaminates with triple-labyrinth seals and shaft-mounted splash guards.

SmartPress is a trademark owned by Alfa Laval Corporate AB.