Smit Flue Gas

Alfa Laval Smit Flue Gas is a saturated inert gas system with a low pressure and flue gas type. The smit gas FIN flue system is specifically designed for utilizing the flue gas from oil-fired boilers and is primarily used on crude oil tankers.

flue gas system

With success, Alfa Laval Aalborg introduced in 2004 a new flue gas system, which offers compact design in combination with improved particle removal.

The current systems combine improved particle removal with a compact layout, and they were developed with customer feedback from shipyards, ship owners and ship operators to provide ease of installation and a range of operational advantages.

Design data

  • Capacity: 3,000-30,000 m³
  • Design: Flue gas cleaning
  • Pressure: 0.1 bar (g)
  • Typical oxygen content: N.A. 
  • Fuel type: Boiler (HFO)
  • Fuel atomzing: N.A.
  • Dew point:Dry saturated
  • Recommended for intallation on: Product tankers, crude oil tankers, FPS


  • Crude oil tanker
  • Product tankers

Ako to funguje

Smit Gas inert gas systems from Alfa Laval are specifically designed to utilize flue gas from oil-fired boilers. The flue gas is extracted from the boilers by fans, after which it is drawn through a scrubber, where the gas is cooled and washed before being delivered to the cargo tanks.