The all-round heat transfer solution. Exceptional compactness and self-cleaning design make Alfa Laval spiral heat exchangers extremely versatile. Ideal for everything from dirty fluids to high vacuum condensation.

Spiral heat-exchanger ALSHE STW front closed 640x360

Standard and custom ALSHE STW ranges

The Alfa Laval ALSHE STW is suitable for any sludge/water duty, either as a pre-designed standard, or as a custom design. 


The spiral heat exchanger offers unique abilities within sludge treatment applications such as:

  • Heating of sewage sludge in digesters
  • Heating stages in pasteurization systems
  • Preheating of sludge for enhanced dewatering
  • Cooling of industrial sludge and waste waters
  • Heat recovery

Features and benefits

  • Fully engineered to meet the needs of every customer
  • Self-cleaning effect reduces operating cost
  • Low maintenance cost due to easy access
  • High heat transfer efficiency, higher than in shell & tubes
  • Unique ability to handle two highly fouling fluids
  • Every unit is fully drainable
  • Condensers have virtually no vapour side pressure drop
  • Column mounting of condensers reduces installation costs
  • Design experience from more than 40 years of manufacturing


Ako to funguje

Heat exchange duties that benefit from the strengths of spiral heat exchangers include:

  • liquid/liquid heating, cooling or heat recovery, where one or both of the fluids may cause fouling. (See image 1)
  • vapour/liquid condensing, particularly at very low pressure and/or highvolume flow.  (See image 2)
  • The design, shape and size of the spiral channels can be customized so that they are a perfect match for the demands associated with a wide range of process fluids, thermal duties and industrial applications. (Valid for both image 1 and image 2)

Lower installation costs

Spiral heat exchangers only require a very small area for mounting and access, resulting in lower unit installation costs compared with other heat exchangers.

Strong on customized solutions

The spiral heat exchanger is a very versatile product. Many of the duties performed by heat exchangers require one channel per fluid, and this can be a distinct benefit.

Alfa Laval welded spiral heat exchanger flow exploded view