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Looking for spare parts, a new valve or perhaps the product catalogue in German language?

You can now find it all in one place. We have combined all our online catalogues in one binder:


"Close at hand" product catalogue

 Alfa Laval's hygienic equipment product catalogue "Close at hand" includes product leaflets, performance curves, links to animations, brochures and price lists for ordering purposes. The catalogue is available in 14 language versions.

Please note: due to technical issues the 2019 language versions will be delayed.

“Close at hand” spare parts catalogue
The global “Close at hand” spare parts catalogue includes service kits, spare parts, links to service maintenance videos and part numbers for ordering purposes.

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Informačné materiály o výrobkoch pre hygienické aplikácie

Alfa Laval brochures with hygienic equipmentZískajte požadované informácie o našich výrobkoch pre hygienické aplikácie.

Výmenníky tepla 



Vybavenie nádrží  

Rúrky a fitinky  

Ventily a automatizácia  

Food logic

Alfa Laval's hygienic equipment combines high performance with gentle handling to preserve sensitive ingredients.

Food logic - essential for future foods

Food logic 

Rozvoj vášho podnikania

Všetci naši predajní partneri sú pre nás dôležití. Sú neoddeliteľnou súčasťou nášho spôsobu podnikania a pomáhajú nám so zastúpením na globálnom trhu. Preto všetkým našim predajným partnerom pomáhame v ich rozvoji.

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Driving business together

As a channel partner, Alfa Laval can support your marketing activities with everything from promotional giveaways to complete campaigns.

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At the heart of dairy

Alfa Laval's comprehensive range of innovative hygienic equipment are key building blocks in dairy processes.

Optimize dairy processes
At the heart of dairy 

Alfa Laval Anytime, our eBusiness

Being an Alfa Laval channel partner, you can get access to Alfa Laval Anytime, our eBusiness. Find, customize and order your Alfa Laval products with just a few simple clicks, 24/7. Giving you freedom, simplicity and competitive power.

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Navštívte stránku s animáciami a pozrite si vnútro produktu, aby ste videli a pochopili, ako funguje. 

Zobraziť animácie

CAD portál

Stiahnite si modely výrobkov vo formátoch Neutral alebo Native CAD. K dispozícii na stiahnutie sú aj 3D súbory vo formáte PDF.

Zobraziť CAD portál 

Spare parts catalogue

"Close at hand" spare parts catalogue

See Alfa Laval's global "Close at hand" spare parts catalogue for hygienic equipment, containing service kits, spare parts and part numbers for ordering purposes.

 New features include: Anytime integration; switching between catalogues; copy-pasting item numbers; help and feedback features; and pdf download option for offline use.

See spare parts catalogue (English)

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Technické články

A more complete mix

When it comes to optimizing tank processes, Alfa Laval’s portfolio delivers a full range of possibilities.

Tank optimization

Hygienic food processing

New challenges are constantly emerging with increased expectations to deliver, safe, hygienic and tasty foods. Innovative Alfa Laval equipment helps optimize production.

Optimize your food process

360° Service and maintenance