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While reusing wastepaper fibres helps conserve resources, there’s also a significant price to pay in terms of waterborne waste. With Alfa Laval’s expertise and proven technologies for separation, heat transfer and fluid handling, de-inking plants can minimize waste streams, maximize the recycling of water, optimize heat recovery, and reduce sulphate consumption.

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Optimizing de-inking processes

De-inking plant managers looking to minimize chemical costs and maximize heat recovery need look no further.

On the one hand, Alfa Laval’s proven separation technologies minimize waste streams and maximize the recycling of water. On the other, Alfa Laval compact plate heat exchangers optimize heat recovery and take up much less space than conventional shell-and-tubes.

What’s more, our state-of-the-art decanters promote highly efficient dewatering that reduces mill sulphate consumption.

Highly efficient wastewater treatment

The de-inking process generates large quantities of wastewater. Alfa Laval offers a complete spectrum of wastewater equipment for resource-efficient treatment. Our water line applications include MBR, SBR, heat exchangers and tertiary filtration using membranes or cloth media. For sludge line applications Alfa Laval offers a full range of equipment for thickening and dewatering. This saves both energy and water.

Recycled paper producer uses Alfa Laval's ALDRUM to cut sludge dewatering costs

When production increased in 2000, Dalum Papir was able to boost its sludge handling capacity simply by upgrading the thickening equipment, without having to make any changes to the screw press.

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Industrial water and waste treatment

Industrial water and waste solutionsAlfa Laval offers a variety of solutions for on-site water and waste treatment plus recovery of water, heat and also products from your process.

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Grow your pulp mill profits with more efficient separation

Alfa Laval offers pulp mills a wide range of solutions for extraction of by-products and recovery of process chemicals. Our separation equipment brings you benefits such as high yield, high product quality, low operating costs and compact installations.

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Boost profits - recycle your energy

Waste heat recoveryInvestments in waste heat recovery are often very profitable. Payback periods are typically less than a year.

Waste heat recovery