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Tank Cleaning

Toftejorg tank cleaning

Clear leader

What happens in each batch produced is influenced by what happens in between. Effective cleaning not only ensures high productivity, it also helps maintain the integrity of your product.

Alfa Laval has long been a leader in tank cleaning. We see it as critical to overall efficiency, acting as an integral link in the production line. Optimizing every stage of the cleaning process can have a significant impact on overall output.

Superior new cleaning technology

Our dynamic solutions clean faster and deeper than static spray balls. Our portfolio of rotary jet heads and rotary spray heads now includes the new Toftejorg SaniMidget SB, which opens with a single lock spring and is authorized to carry the 3-A symbol.

Less water, less chemical, more uptime

By directing the cleaning fluid in a three-dimensional pattern, our cleaning heads reach the entire tank surface, delivering thorough results in a fraction of the time. This means they increase your uptime while reducing consumption of water, cleaning chemicals and energy. Lower cost of ownership is an additional benefit.

With Alfa Laval, you are assured of an optimized and cost-effective tank solution – from start to finish and back to start.

 Dynamic tank cleaning machines – references and product overview