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Mixing and agitation

The perfect mix

It’s critical to find an effective mixing solution. But which technology is right for you depends on your application and goals. The breadth of our offering, combined with the depth of our application expertise, ensures we can deliver the best possible mix. The portfolio includes energy-saving agitators, high-efficiency rotary jet mixers and ultra-clean magnetic mixers.


Our agitators are ideal for many applications, including those that involve high-viscosity media or fibrous/abrasive ingredients, and can cut energy consumption by as much as 80%. 

 Is agitation the mixing technology for your needs? 

Rotary jet mixers

Our Iso-Mix rotary jet mixers create savings in other ways, delivering high-intensity mixing that translates into rapid payback. Breweries, for example, have used them to shorten fermentation time by up to 30%. With rotary jet mixers there is no shaft penetration and no shaft seal to maintain. Furthermore, no baffles are required in the tank. The mixing heads also have a secondary function as tank cleaning equipment at the end of the mixing cycle. 

 Is rotary jet mixing the technology for your needs? 

Magnetic mixers

Complementing the agitators and rotary jet mixers are our levitating magnetic mixers, whose capabilities are unique compared to other magnetically driven solutions. Rather than resting on the guide bearing, the impeller actually levitates on a strong magnetic field. This means there is no friction, even if the impeller is run dry, and makes them exceptionally easy to clean. 

 Are magnetic mixers the technology for your needs? 

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