Dry Hopping Webinar - Introduction

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Dry hopping

Dry hopping involves the addition of hops to the fermentation and/or maturation vessels, either before or after primary fermentation, to extract the hop flavours and aromas into the beer that cannot be obtained through hopping in the brewhouse. The practice has become widespread in recent years, as pale ale and India pale ale styles have gained popularity in the market. However, there are many challenges associated with this ‘revolution’. What exactly are the steps involved in dry hopping and what could potentially go wrong during the process? How can one avoid unwanted issues during dry hopping? Alfa Laval’s brewery expert will explain in detail here.  

In this session, you will learn:

  • Basic understanding of the dry hopping process
  • Learn 2 new technologies to accelerates dry hopping, reduce product loss and improve taste quality during the process.  

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Alfa Laval na BrauBeviale 2019

Navštívte medzi 12. a 14. novembrom 2019 stánok 7-430 spoločnosti Alfa Laval na Brau 2019, kde sa zameriame na to, ako môžu výrobcovia piva diverzifikovať svoje výrobky a odlíšiť ich novými príchuťami a chuťami. Vyspelé riešenia pre pivovarníctvo od spoločnosti Alfa Laval, od modulov po kompletné procesné bloky, sú určené na podporu výrobcov piva pri dosahovaní vyšších výťažkov pri minimalizácii spotreby energie a vody, odpadu a emisií.

Separation for your brewery - webinar - 24 Sep 2019

A centrifuge, or a separator, is a great tool that can help you to increase the profit from every batch of beer from your brewery and at the same time improve the quality of your beer. In this webinar our experts Joakim Gustafsson and Fernando Jimenez will introduce you to separation technology and explain how it is used in beer breweries. You will get to know why more and more brewers pay attention to beer centrifuges. You will find out, how separation can help you increase yield, improve beer quality and profitability.